General Advice For Your Pet

Senility In Pets

As dogs and cats reach the latter years of their life, often symptoms resembling senility can occur, which result in a change of behavior. Senility can be caused or intensified by many factors, such as a reduction in sensory function (eg deafness or blindness). Often the animal can feel it has lost is function and role within its pack as it has become older and less active, this can be common in working dogs. Senility can lead to severe anxiety, a reluctance to settle, lack of appetite, random barking and other resultant symptoms. Scullcap & Valerian tablets will help to relax and relieve anxiety and provide the animal with a calmer outlook. This medicine should be given at a rate of 2 daily per 5kgs body weight and thereafter reduced to half this amount less the condition worsens when the higher dosage should be maintained.