General Advice For Your Pet

Phantom Pregnancy In Pets

This tiresome condition is much more common in dogs than cats and is as much a psychological problem as a physical one. Unfortunately bitches that have a tendency to phantom pregnancies will often suffer season after season. In extreme cases it may be advisable to obtain veterinary advice regarding the ultimate spaying of the bitch to resolve the problem. However the following treatment has proved very effective in either totally preventing a phantom pregnancy or reducing the symptoms. Raspberry Leaf tablets should be given, at the recommended dosage, to susceptible bitches from the first sign of them coming into season and continued for twelve weeks to prevent the physical symptoms. Many bitches become anxious and stressed at this time and Scullcap & Valerian tablets should be given when required to keep the bitch calm and settled. There are homeopathic preparations that may be considered to reduce the symptoms if a phantom pregnancy should occur Some breeds of dog are more susceptible to this condition than others and it is one that should be treated in consultation with your veterinary surgeon.