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Advice For Your Pet

Digestion In Pets

A healthy & robust digestion is essential for any animal to obtain full benefit from its food. Help the digestion with tree barks powder & digestive tablets.

General Condition Of Pet

All dogs and cats should naturally have good health and condition. Garlic & Fenugreek tablets should be given daily to maintain general health.

Excitability In Dogs

Excitability in dogs can sometimes make day to day living difficult for the owners. Valerian compound or tablets calm and relax dogs that are excitable.

Constipation In Pets

Occasionally both dogs and cats can suffer from constipation and it is important to make sure that the diet contains enough roughage to prevent this.

Senility In Pets

As dogs & cats reach the latter years of their life, often symptoms resembling senility can occur. It can be caused from factors like deafness & blindness.

Calling (In Season Queens)

Queens that are not going to be mated, they are prone to frantic behavior during the call. Scullcap & Valerian tablets reduce anxiety and keep them calm.

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