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Advice For Your Pet

Diarrhoea In Pets

Diarrhoea in pets is nature’s way of cleansing the body. Natural Herb supplements are a gentle laxative which can be given to help clear the digestive tract.

Noise & Fireworks Phobias In Pets

Noises and fireworks can disturb & frighten pets. Giving Scullcap & Valerian tablets & Valerian Organic Compound will calm and relax them without sedation.

Insect Bites & Stings In Pets

For minor bites or stings such as stinging nettles, first clean the site with purifying Garlic Juice and give Homeopathic Urtica Urens 30C every half hour.

General Condition Of Pet

All dogs and cats should naturally have good health and condition. Garlic & Fenugreek tablets should be given daily to maintain general health.

Infections In Pets

Infection can occur almost anywhere and vary in intensity. For minor infections give Garlic & Fenugreek tablets. They will reduce the symptoms.

Anal Glands (Inflamed) In Pets

Glands are situated on either side of the dog’s anus and sometimes they block. Give them garlic & fenugreek tablets and bathe the area with Garlic Juice.