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Advice For Your Pet

Diarrhoea In Pets

Diarrhoea in pets is nature’s way of cleansing the body. Natural Herb supplements are a gentle laxative which can be given to help clear the digestive tract.

Hip Dysplasia In Dogs

Hip dysplasia in dogs is a hereditary genetic condition that is more prevalent in some breeds. There is no cure but some treatments alleviate the pain.

Show & Ring Shyness

Young dogs being introduced to shows are often apprehensive. The Scullcap & Valerian tablets are safe, effective and increase confidence and concentration.

Vomiting In Pets

Vomiting in pets should not be considered as problem, it’s a way that most carnivorous animals clean their digestive system. Doggy De-Tox tablets are ideal.

Pets Sexual Behaviour

Male pets can sometimes inadvertently cause embarrassment with their behavior. The Scullcap & Valerian tablets can reduce this type of excitability.

Coat Condition In Pets

A dull, thin, dry or scurfy coat may be the first outward sign of poor general health. Keeper’s Mix will help to maintain a strong, thick healthy coat.