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Advice For Your Pet

Epilepsy In Pets

Cases of epileptic fits should be treated only in consultation with a veterinary surgeon. Scullcap & Valerian tablets are licensed for treatment of epilepsy.

Depraved Appetite In Dogs

Depraved appetite in dogs can be caused by many factors. Keeper’s Mix ensures that all the necessary minerals & vitamins required for good health are given.

Working Dogs

Working dogs require high energy and stamina levels to be maintained. Our pet food supplements are ideal to maintain condition in hard working dogs.

Phantom Pregnancy In Pets

Pets that have a tendency to phantom pregnancies will often suffer season after season. The Raspberry Leaf tablets should be given from the first sign.

Urinary Incontinence In Dogs

As dogs & cats get older they may suffer from bladder weakness. Face incontinence with the Mixed Vegetables tablets. They maintain the urinary flow.

Excitability In Dogs

Excitability in dogs can sometimes make day to day living difficult for the owners. Valerian compound or tablets calm and relax dogs that are excitable.