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Advice For Your Pet

Bladder & Kidney Disorders In Pets

There are many serious as well as minor bladder and kidney disorders in pets. The Mixed Vegetables tablets ensure proper urinary flow in animals.

Noise & Fireworks Phobias In Pets

Noises and fireworks can disturb & frighten pets. Giving Scullcap & Valerian tablets & Valerian Organic Compound will calm and relax them without sedation.

Moving House With Your Cat

Cats have trouble settling into new territory. The Valerian Organic Compound and Scullcap & Valerian tablets help them to adjust the new environment.

Moulting In Dogs & Cats

Dogs and cats grow coats to protect them from the cold and from damage to their skin. The Evening Primrose Oil reduce shedding and improve coat quality.

Infections In Pets

Infection can occur almost anywhere and vary in intensity. For minor infections give Garlic & Fenugreek tablets. They will reduce the symptoms.

Cystitis In Pets

If an animal is passing urine more frequently than normal and in small quantities it may be that bladder inflammation or cystitis is the cause.