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Advice For Your Pet

Cystitis In Pets

If an animal is passing urine more frequently than normal and in small quantities it may be that bladder inflammation or cystitis is the cause.

Ear Problems In Pets

Animals with dropped ears where the air flow is restricted can become dirty and smelly. Regular cleaning is essential by wiping the outer ear.

Arthritis & Stiff Joints In Pets

Arthritis & stiff joints are more commonly seen in the older dog or cat. Mixed Vegetables tablets reduce acidity, relieve pain and make the movement easier.

Dogs Pancreatic Insufficiency

Face the dog’s pancreatic insufficiency with the tree barks powder. Reduces the acute intestinal absorptive disorders and compensates the maldigestion.

Bad Breath In Dogs

Bad breath in dogs usually caused by teeth & gum disorders, so this should be checked first. Roast Dinner Toothpaste keeps the teeth & gums clean & healthy.

Anal Glands (Inflamed) In Pets

Glands are situated on either side of the dog’s anus and sometimes they block. Give them garlic & fenugreek tablets and bathe the area with Garlic Juice.