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Ξηρά Τροφή Artemis Normal Plus 20kg Για Σκύλους

Artemis Normal Plus 20kg


The Artemis Normal Plus is a food for healthy and lively dogs. A 100% complete and balanced nutritional food with special ingredients.


Συμπλήρωμα Διατροφής Keeper's Mix Για Σκύλους Και Γάτες

Keeper’s Mix


Keeper’s Mix pet food supplement with nutritious herbs, keeps all dogs and cats in the best of health. The ingredients act as tonics for all the major organs.


Συμπληρώματα Φαιοφυκίου Σε Ταμπλέτες Για Σκύλους Και Γάτες

Malted Kelp Tablets


The Malted Kelp Tablets contain a combination of malt, kelp seaweed and aniseed oil is formulated to encourage and maintain a healthy metabolism.


Συμπλήρωμα Διατροφής Με Λάδι Από Σιτάρι Για Σκύλους Και Γάτες

Wheatgerm Oil Capsules


Wheatgerm Oil Capsules, pet food supplement for maintain fertility for both male and female cats and dogs.


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Advice For Your Pet

Moving House With Your Cat

Cats have trouble settling into new territory. The Valerian Organic Compound and Scullcap & Valerian tablets help them to adjust the new environment.

Eye Problems In Pets

Face the eye problems of your pet with the pet food dynamized supplement, Euphrasia 15C. It keeps the eyes clear and sparkling with good health.

Noise & Fireworks Phobias In Pets

Noises and fireworks can disturb & frighten pets. Giving Scullcap & Valerian tablets & Valerian Organic Compound will calm and relax them without sedation.

Hip Dysplasia In Dogs

Hip dysplasia in dogs is a hereditary genetic condition that is more prevalent in some breeds. There is no cure but some treatments alleviate the pain.

Calling (In Season Queens)

Queens that are not going to be mated, they are prone to frantic behavior during the call. Scullcap & Valerian tablets reduce anxiety and keep them calm.

Phantom Pregnancy In Pets

Pets that have a tendency to phantom pregnancies will often suffer season after season. The Raspberry Leaf tablets should be given from the first sign.