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Advice For Your Pet

Constipation In Pets

Occasionally both dogs and cats can suffer from constipation and it is important to make sure that the diet contains enough roughage to prevent this.

Coughs & Bronchial Conditions

There are many different types of coughs. If temperature and appetite are normal, the Garlic & Fenugreek tablets will relieve the symptoms of cough.

Infections In Pets

Infection can occur almost anywhere and vary in intensity. For minor infections give Garlic & Fenugreek tablets. They will reduce the symptoms.

Noise & Fireworks Phobias In Pets

Noises and fireworks can disturb & frighten pets. Giving Scullcap & Valerian tablets & Valerian Organic Compound will calm and relax them without sedation.

Cystitis In Pets

If an animal is passing urine more frequently than normal and in small quantities it may be that bladder inflammation or cystitis is the cause.

Anal Glands (Inflamed) In Pets

Glands are situated on either side of the dog’s anus and sometimes they block. Give them garlic & fenugreek tablets and bathe the area with Garlic Juice.