General Advice For Your Pet

Loss Of Appetite In Pets

This is often a sign that that a dog or cat is “off color” or coming down with an illness, and so should be closely watched for symptoms of any developing illness. However, for normal healthy adult dogs or cats, or ones that are just “poor doers”, the following treatment will help. Start with a 24 hour fast using a laxative such as Natural Herb supplements , followed by a small meal of just one quarter of the normal quantity, giving the recommended dose of Malted Kelp Tablets half an hour before the feed. If food is refused, remove the bowl and do not offer any more until the next mealtime – this alone often works like a charm. Although it may seem hard, do not be tempted to give tidbits or attempt hand feeding. When the first meal has been taken, gradually increase the food at each meal, still giving the Malted Kelp Tablets until, after a period of four weeks, normal sized meals are being eaten eagerly. Malted Kelp Tablets not only improve the appetite but as a result will encourage healthy weight gain and vigour. These un-coated tablets can also be crushed and sprinkled onto the food if it is impossible to give them before the meal.