General Advice For Your Pet

Depraved Appetite In Dogs

Eating their own or other dog’s faeces is an unpleasant habit that is mainly seen in younger dogs and can become a habit. There are thought to be three possible causes. It can be a result of feeding a complete dried food diet, especially one which contains strong flavorings which may pass through the system unaltered, making it as attractive at the end as it was in the bowl. Changing to a more natural diet is therefore advisable. The addition of pineapple chunks to the feed is helpful due to an enzyme in the fruit that seems to make this an effective deterrent. Another cause may be boredom, especially in the case of younger dogs and those in kennels who may not have enough to occupy them. Regular exercise, companionship and a selection of toys will help to keep them busy and so less likely to adopt this habit. The third possible cause is that a mineral or trace element may be lacking in their diet. Adding a good all round herbal supplement such as Keeper’s Mix will ensure that all the necessary minerals and vitamins required for good health are given. As this problem can easily become a habit it is essential to keep both the dog’s housing and runs scrupulously clean and take steps to correct this problem as soon as possible.