General Advice For Your Pet

Coat Condition In Pets

A dull, thin, dry or scurfy coat may be the first outward sign of poor general health and overall condition should be looked at. However, to keep the coat in good condition, a comprehensive all round herbal supplement, such as Keeper’s Mix, given in the diet, will help to maintain a strong, thick healthy coat. Adding appropriate oils into the feed will prevent dryness and maintain the healthy shine that is especially necessary on the soft, silky coated breeds. Wheatgerm Oil capsules are a Vitamin E supplement to maintain the skin in good health, whereas during the Winter months Cod Liver Oil is a beneficial addition to the diet. Evening Primrose Oil liquid or Evening Primrose Oil capsules are well known for promoting good quality coat growth, minimising moulting, rectifying dryness and maintaining good skin condition. Remember that there is no substitute for regular grooming to remove dead coat and to tone the skin, particularly during the moulting period.

How often you need to wash the coat will depend on the breed; long coats tend to attract more dust and dirt so will need more frequent attention but there are times when all animals benefit from a bath. Use our Pennyroyal Dog & Cat Shampoo which is a very high quality product especially formulated for your pet that leaves a lovely minty aroma on the coat and helps to repel external parasites too.