General Advice For Your Pet

Show & Ring Shyness

There are many reasons why some dogs seem unable to perform as well as they might in the show ring. Young dogs being introduced to shows are often apprehensive as they can find themselves overawed by other dogs and the multitude of people and noise around them. Unfortunately just one incidence of rough handling or a bad experience in the ring can cause a lack of confidence and a subsequent dislike of the show ring. If a dog is uneasy or apprehensive in the ring it will lose its concentration and be unable to show at it’s best. As a training aid for young dogs, ring craft classes are very helpful and help to instill confidence. Scullcap & Valerian tablets have been used by generations of professional breeders and show owners as a safe and effective way of instilling confidence and increasing concentration in the show ring. Given the night before a show and again about two hours before entering the ring, they will reduce anxiety, relax, calm and steady the dog and so enable it to perform in a more confident manner. A further dose may also be given later in the day if this is necessary for late judging or to settle the animal for the journey home. Some dogs may require a daily dose of tablets to be given for the week prior to a show, but every dog’s needs will be different and the amount of tablets can be safely adjusted to suit the individual’s needs without any fear of causing drowsiness or affecting performance. There are no recorded adverse reactions or long term side effects associated with this herbal medicine and the dose can therefore be increased to the higher recommended amount if this is necessary.