General Advice For Your Pet

Malabsorption & Intestinal Problems

In common with all carnivores, food passes through the digestive system of cats and dogs in only a few hours and all the nutrients have to be absorbed during this time. If the animal has diarrhoea, intestinal or digestive problems the food may pass through even more quickly and so there is less time for the nutrients to be properly absorbed. This can result in weight loss and a lack of condition. Tree Barks Powder has highly digestible ingredients and is an ideal food for acute intestinal absorptive disorders, maldigestion and malabsorption. It is effective in soothing the whole digestive system, slowing down the passage of food through the gut, so enabling the dog or cat to obtain the maximum benefit from its food. It may be given indefinitely if required and is simply added to the animals feed daily. It is sensible to consider making adjustments to the diet of any animal suffering from a digestive disorder and always take veterinary advice if there is any cause for concern.