General Advice For Your Pet

Lack Of Trust In Cats

Cats can sometimes become unsettled when being handled or taken from their pens either during vetting or actual judging. Unfortunately just one incidence of rough handling or a bad experience at a show can cause a lack of confidence and a subsequent inability to relax in the environment. Show cats are used to be handled by their owners, but getting them familiar to different strangers handling them can be more difficult. It is very helpful if they can be regularly taken out of their carrying boxes and handled by people they don’t know and this is a good way of familiarising them with the routine. The aroma of Valerian root is very appealing to cats who find it particularly attractive and calming. Our Valerian Organic Compound is supplied in liquid form and can be both given to the cat or a few drops can be placed on the bedding where the aroma will calm the cat and after a short period they will be found to be easier to handle.