General Advice For Your Pet

Vomiting In Pets

Many owners worry about their dog or cat eating grass and then vomiting. This should not be considered a problem as it is the way that most carnivorous animals clean their digestive system. Follow the “Cleansing Diet” in our special diet section to help detoxify the system. If a weekly fast day is established for dogs this enables the animal to rest its digestive system regularly and will alleviate the problem. Adding Easy Green powder, containing Spinach, Parsley & Watercress, to the daily food is also good idea for animals who regularly eat grass to excess, as they may need the benefits of extra plant material in their diet. Cats often retch when trying to regurgitate furballs and giving Natural Herb tablets during the molting period will eliminate the need for them to do this as the furball will be passed naturally through the system. Prolonged or persistent vomiting should always be referred for veterinary treatment but if this is not immediately available there are homeopathic remedies available which can be given.