General Advice For Your Pet

Noise & Fireworks Phobias In Pets

Thunderstorms, fireworks, gun shots or any loud or sudden noises can disturb and frighten dogs and cats. These often occur unexpectedly, making it difficult to help your pet cope with the stress caused, especially if you don’t want to resort to tally sedating the animal. Many pets suffer during the fireworks season, which can often continue right through until the New Year. There are also other occasions when loud noises can cause stress and anxiety. The fear this causes can result in a noise phobia where the dog or cat will become anxious and distressed upon hearing any loud noise. Giving Scullcap & Valerian tablets at the recommended daily dose throughout any period when fireworks, thunderstorms or sudden noises are expected will result in a generally calmer and less traumatised animal. However, for those times when noises are particularly bad, or occur unexpectedly, you can also give Valerian Organic Compound which will quickly calm and relax without sedation. This combination of products is also ideal for training dogs to the gun and for helping those who may be gun shy. This effective treatment is widely used and recommended by veterinary practices to help animals through difficult situations.