General Advice For Your Pet

Moulting In Dogs & Cats

Both dogs and cats grow coats to protect them from the cold and from damage to their skin. The coat condition reflects the health of the animal and is a good indicator of general condition. If there is continual moulting this could be a sign of poor general health and should be remedied. Coats grow mainly during the Autumn to prepare for the coming colder weather and the main moult usually takes place during the Springtime. There are of course many reasons why coat loss can be experienced and the coat become thinner than normal. Dogs who live in centrally heated environments can drop their coat unduly at any time of the year and moving the dog to a cooler environment can reduce hair loss. Evening Primrose Oil added to the feed appears to reduce shedding and improve coat quality. Give Kelp Seaweed tablets daily, especially during the  Autumn and Winter months to treat poor hair growth and to improve coat quality and pigment.