General Advice For Your Pet

Drop In Pigmentation

A drop in pigmentation is often noticed in the nose, eyes and mouth of bitches and queens following a season or pregnancy and is more often observed during the Winter months. However it may be noticed in both males and females at various times in their life. This fading is generally considered to be due to a lack of minerals, particularly iron and iodine. Kelp Seaweed tablets contain these two minerals in sufficient quantities to improve pigmentation and as they also contain all the other minerals and trace elements necessary for health, they should be given for a period of around two months to regain lost pigment. Prevention is always better than cure, so giving Kelp Seaweed tablets or powder from the Autumn through to the Spring will help to maintain the pigment during the Winter months. As an alternative, our liquid Elderberry & Nettle extract can be easily added to any feeding regime to maintain pigment throughout the year without any risk of overheating the system.